Blog Guidelines

EHRA Blog Guidelines

  • Posts need to advance the mission of EHRA – accelerated adoption of EHRs to support safe healthcare delivery, foster continued innovation, and operate with high integrity in the market for our users and their patients and families.
  • Posts need to generally align with EHRA positions, although different perspectives may be presented if they are constructive and non-argumentative.
  • “Thought leadership” posts may introduce new topics or ideas on which the EHRA has not taken positions as long as they are related and of general interest to EHR developers and other stakeholders interested in EHR-related topics.
  • We encourage writers to use subheadings, bulletted lists, and bold fonts to highlight key concepts and action items.
  • We will consider posts that have been published elsewhere, as long as any necessary permission has been obtained by the submitter.
  • We will not publish posts that:
    • Are rude, unprofessional, or disparaging of others’ thoughts and ideas.
    • Promote a specific product or company.
    • Are argumentative or malign specific companies or individuals.
    • Have unclear focal points, or are not clearly organized or formatted to grab reader attention.
    • Created as blatant link-bait, with little original insight or practical discussion.