Harry Hirshhorn – Healthy Patient

Age 28; Single, no children; Bachelor’s degree, liberal arts; Fundraiser at nonprofit organization


Harry is physically active in sports and fitness recreation, with a lot of friends who build exercise into their social life together. He wakes up early each day for his morning jog before work and usually purchases organic ingredients to cook dinner at home. He’s tech savvy, using technology at home and work. He avidly keeps track of his diet and fitness goals using his Fitbit and mobile apps like MyFitnessPal. He’s an active health consumer, researching health conditions online and coming prepared to visits with his doctor.

Harry has a physical every 1–2 years, but otherwise avoids going to the doctor unless he is really sick. He likes that he can easily make an appointment with his doctor online and can check his medical records from his mobile phone. He likes his doctor and the practice’s medical staff, but often has to wait a long time before being seen and worries about getting back to work. He also finds it frustrating that he always seems to be filling out the same paperwork over and over again at each medical practice that he visits.


“I do my transactions when I am waiting in line. If it takes more than five minutes, forget it.”

“I don’t worry about healthcare – I don’t get sick.”

“I mostly care about being able to keep myself healthy. I want control over my own healthcare.”

“I view healthcare differently than my parents. My health record is my data – I don’t just do what a doctor tells me. I ask questions; I want to communicate with my providers.”

Short-Term Goals

  • Maintain physical and mental health.
  • Get an appointment when it’s convenient.
  • Get appointments over with quickly and get back to work.
  • Stay out of the hospital, emergency room and doctor’s office.
  • Good quality of life, mobility, emotional stability and minimum need for stress management.

Long-Term Goals

  • Remain physically fit into old age.
  • Start doing more cooking at home.

Typical Problems

  • Doctors focus on documentation more than patient interaction.
  • Since I am healthy, my provider doesn’t engage.
  • Going to the doctor is too time-consuming.
  • Going to a doctor’s office for my minor problems is a waste of time, and I want to handle over the phone or email.
  • Difficulty understanding healthcare jargon.

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