EHI Task Force Report (September 2021) 

Framework for a National Strategy on Patient Identity (April 2021) 

Optimizing Health IT for Safe Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care (February 2021) 

CDC Opioid Guideline - Implementation Guide for Electronic Health Records (November 2018)

Electronic Health Record Design Patterns for Patient Safety (September 2017)

Interoperability Success Stories: The Journey Continues (June 2017)

EHR Association Interoperability Recommendations for States Whitepaper (October 19, 2016)

Supporting a Robust Health Information Exchange Strategy with a Pragmatic Transport Framework (June 2011)

EHRVA Privacy and Security Whitepaper (May 2008)

White Paper on Interoperability HIMSS EHRVA Vendor Association (April 2005)

Value of EHRs

Interoperability Collaborative Summary


Continuity of Care Document (CCD) Quick Start Guide

The Continuity of Care Document Quick Start Guide (QSG) is provided free of charge by EHR Association, as a service to vendors and others who will be implementing healthcare documents based on the CCD Implementation Guide. EHR Association’s goal is to accelerate implementation of this standard which is endorsed by HIMSS, integral to several key HITSP interoperability specifications and IHE content profiles, and is expected to be required for CCHIT certification.

Download the Continuity of Care Document (CCD) Quick Start Guide

EHR Association Interoperability Roadmap V3

The EHR Association Interoperability Roadmap supports the national goal of interoperable electronic health records and provides a pragmatic, logical plan that will succeed when adopted and implemented by key stakeholders. We provide this Roadmap to mobilize the leadership of healthcare organizations, information technology vendors and other relevant stakeholders to collectively deliver on the vision by incorporating this Roadmap into their plans.

Download the EHR Association Interoperability Roadmap

Comments and questions on the Interoperability Roadmap are welcome. Please contact

CDA/CRS Quick Start Guide

The CDA/CRS Quick Start Guide provides directives for managing clinical content in order to establish healthcare information interoperability. The Guide was developed by Alschuler Associates, LLC, a consulting firm that also worked with the EHR Association on the Quick Start Guide for Simple CDA Release 2.0 Documents.

Download the Quick Start Guide