The HIMSS EHR Association's core objectives focus on collaborative efforts to accelerate health information and technology adoption, advance interoperability, and improve the quality and efficiency of care through the use of EHRs. EHRA shares our success stories, news, public comments, and other resources to help ensure that the practical application and operation of EHRs is considered in national and local healthcare initiatives.



EHRA Blog: Disability Inclusion Part One: What is Accessibility and Why It's Important for EHRs. Read the blog

EHR Association Letter to ONC Regarding USCDI Modeling. Read more.

EHR Association Letter Regarding Maryland Health Information Exchanges. Read more.

EHR Association Letter Regarding California Assembly Bill 352. Read more.

EHRA Blog: Global Health Equity Week: Bridging Healthcare Disparities Through Technology and Policy Advocacy. Read the blog.

EHRA Blog: Timeine to Comply: EHR Developers Face a Complex Regulatory Compliance Landscape. Read the blog.

EHR Association Response to Ways and Means Rural Health RFI. Read the comments.

EHR Association Response to Health Care Task Force Health Spending RFI. Read the comments.

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Opioid Crisis Resources
The EHRA Opioid Crisis Task Force has developed tools and resources leveraging EHR system data and capabilities in an effort to help fight the nationwide opioid crisis. Resources include clincal practice guideline implementation guides, state landscapes showing EPCS and PDMP integration, best practices, recommendations, infographics, podcasts, and more. 

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Persona Library
A persona is a representation of a real enduser that helps healthcare IT developers to create, empathize, and bring a user’s perspective to all aspects of design. EHRA members, with the help of provider association partners, have developed 11 persona templates. EHRA encourages organizations to use these freely available personas as a resource in their own design and development work cycle. 

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